Membership Info

Membership in Wild River Flying Club is open to current and prospective pilots.  Depending on the availability of openings, we solicit and accept new members throughout the year.

With just 32 members and 4 well-maintained aircraft, our very low pilot-to-plane ratio of 8:1 is very rare for flying clubs and it allows for better aircraft availability.  To easily make changes or cancel reservations we use an online reservation service ( for all of our aircraft.

We are fortunate to have two resident Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanics who perform most of our aircraft maintenance to keep the planes operating with little down time and significantly reducing the maintenance cost to the club.  We also have two Certificated Flight Instructors (CFI). They can provide all of your training and currency needs at reduced club rates.

Immediate household family members are allowed to fly under a club member’s membership for only the cost of monthly dues.  This benefit enables a family member to begin flight training or expand their flight skills at a very affordable rate.


Members join the club by purchasing an open membership at market rate.  This gives you fractional ownership of four aircraft, two hangars, and a 2,000 gallon fuel system. One of the advantages of a club is that the expenses are spread across 32 members, so it becomes a very affordable way to fly. A club offers camaraderie among the members who share your passion of flying.

If a member moves out of the area or otherwise decides they no longer can or want to fly with Wild River Flying Club, they can sell their membership.


Monthly dues are reviewed and set by the Board of Directors every June for the following fiscal year to cover insurance, annuals, hangar leases, utilities, and other expenses including upgrades.  The Board’s goal is keep the dues affordably low yet save money for future expenses and upgrades.  Wild River Flying Club’s philosophy is to not assess members when money is required.  As a result, we manage our money wisely. The current monthly dues are $135.00.


We have liability insurance and all of our planes have hull insurance up to their Vref value.  This valuation is updated yearly.  Additionally, our hangars and fuel system are also insured.


Rates paid by members for use of the planes are “wet” rates (includes fuel) based on Hobbs (actual engine) hours.  The rate covers the cost of fuel, oil, engine, and propeller overhauls, maintenance, and upgrades.  The rates are reviewed every June.

The rates are staggered proportionately to make all aircraft equally attractive to fly whether staying in the pattern or flying across the country for pleasure or business.  This makes an affordable value proposition for someone interested in obtaining their Private Pilot license, upgrading their existing license, or getting their Tail Wheel, High Performance, or Spin Endorsements.

Join Us

Learn more about Wild River Flying Club and take a look at our aircraft by browsing this web site.  We offer personal tours and introductory flights to anyone interested in joining WRFC.  If you are interested in joining, we encourage you to attend one of our monthly club meetings.  You will soon discover the friendly camaraderie that exists among our members.

Let us show you around or take you up for a flight; we’re always eager to show off our club!  We’ll even give you temporary access to our reservation system so you can see the plane availability for yourself.  Or, if you’re ready to join one of the most active and fiscally-responsible flying clubs in the upper Midwest – Apply Now!

Not quite ready?  Still have questions not answered by our site?  OK. Feel free to email us at [email protected] or call Bob at 612-701-2832, or Mark at 715-417-0303. They can answer all your questions and give you a tour.

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