Citabria 7GCAA

The 1979 Citabria is an aerobatic, 150 HP, 2-seater tailwheel that is a very capable aircraft manufactured by Bellanca, based right here at Osceola, WI. Our Citabria benefits from a panel and interior overhaul providing modern functionality and feel. This aircraft is excellent for tailwheel endorsements, spin training, time-building, or aerobatic adventures.

  • 1979 Bellanca Citabria 7GCAA – N5038A
  • 150 HP Lycoming 4 Cylinder Engine O-320
  • Fixed Pitch Propeller
  • Tanis Heater
  • Fuel Burn: ~7GPH
  • Vortex Generators
  • Never Exceed: 162 MPH
  • Caution Range: 120 – 162 MPH
  • Maximum Structural Cruise: 120 MPH
  • Normal Operating Range: 50 – 120 MPH


Garmin Aera 660 Touchscreen GPS with ADS-B Traffic and Weather Display

Transponder (and Bluetooth Connectivity)
Garmin GTX 345 Transponder w/ Bluetooth for Foreflight/Garmin Pilot

ICOM IC-A210 Communication Panel

Engine Monitoring
Dual Aerospace Logic 200 EGT and CHT units with Lean Finder

G-Force Gauge


Dual 5-Point Hooker Harness Belt System

G-Force Gauge

Maneuver Entry Speeds
Chandelle, Lazy Eights: 120 MPH
Barrel or Slow Roll: 120 MPH
Immelman: 145 MPH
Loop or Clover Leaf: 140 MPH
Vertical Reverse: 85 MPH
Snap Roll: 85 MPH
Spins: Slow Deceleration